WiFI radios powered off if disabled?

I am using WRT32X router (wifi radios disabled) running OpenWrt 19.07 as a border router and am connecting a mesh system to it. One mesh node is located a few feet away from the router and is constantly acting up; vendor's support told me that there is interference and I am now wondering is OpenWrt is actually tuning off the radios or keeping them powered up still.
Anyone knows if the radios powered down completely if they are disabled in the configuration? Or there are still powered up and just making noise?

Normally a router will not broadcast any wireless signals if you turn it off. But technically the device itself (chips, voltage transformers, etc.) is emitting (in addition to the wifi signals) electromagnetical radiation. This radiation can influence other devices placed nearby the router.

It might also be possible that the signal is not reduced to 0 dBm and the device is still emitting sth. over the antennas due to a defect.

Well, I hear Linksys routers do not have a way to change the output power so it is either broadcasting at full power or it is off. I am currently trying to figure out how to confirm it is on or off.

The radios will not transmit anything if disabled in software. You could remove the antennas and also remove the wifi driver kernel modules if really never using the radios.

USB3 signals leaking from poorly shielded devices and cables can make a lot of noise in the 2 GHz wifi band.


Luci-app-wifischedule also offers the option to unload the modules which, I think, would do the same as @mk24 suggestion, just temporary if you need them once in a while.