Wifi problem : freezing


i have a tp link router running owrt.
the wifi, 802.11n, always freezes when file transferts or wifi bandwith is high (downloading, copying megabytes/gigabytes between cmoputers)..
in the idea, my only solution here is to push twice the wifi tiny button at the rear of the router to disable/enable it back. or to create a wifi restarter by crond..

is there a quick solution to limit the bandwidth over wifi by software, to avoid going directly physically on the router each time the wifi freeze?

thank you vm

Which model is it?
Do you see anything useful in the logs when the problem occurs?

hello trendy

thank you for the reply

it's a wr841N
no i don't have access to the logs, when it's freezes i push twice on the wifi button at the rear (disable/enable wifi) then the trafic comes back and the logread is immediatly occupied by the network trafic.

You can increase the buffer size and try it again, if the log after the wifi restart is already filled with other entries.
In Luci: System -> System -> Logging -> System log buffer size (double it) and click on 'Save and Apply'