Wifi power saving

I've noticed on mobile devices I have when wifi is idle the connect speed will drop to a single 20mhz channel and 1-6mbps connection speed, I guess this is a power saving feature the devices have enabled. My wifi connections from my openwrt router doesn't do this though are there some extra power saving features I have to enable in the cli wifi config? I'm using a TP-Link TL-WR902AC v3 travel router.

You're describing normal behavior, is there an issue?

Did you make changes from defaults?
To be clear:

I understand this is stock behavior but I thought it would be possible to enable extra power saving features on my openwrt router similar to what my mobile devices have enabled. I haven't really changed much from stock apart from transmit power, I'm using a phone as an access point and it's limited to 2.4ghz 20mhz channels.

Your device seems to be setup as a client, not an AP (that's definitely a change from default).

I've tried as an Access point and it doesn't go into power saving there either. My other mobile devices can go into power saving mode whether they're an access point or client.

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Here you can see my access point(mobile phone) drop down to 1mbps during idle while the connection from my openwrt router remains effectively full speed as always, I want my openwrt router to do the same thing whether I'm using it as a client or as an access point.

802.11ac has a vht_txop_ps setting according to https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/basic#ac_capabilities, but I don't see any powersave options for 802.11n.

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How would I enable that for ac? Does it need to be added into /etc/config/wireless somehow?

Yes, in the appropriate /etc/config/wireless stanza. You can also check for other capabilities with iw list. I would recommend reading that entire wiki page if you are unfamiliar.

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