Wifi performance on wrt1200ac

I also was moving a from a device attacked via lan to router to my laptop via wifi.
when I also tried wifi speed with iperf on my phone wifi.
I saw that when I tested with iperf on my phone (newer than laptop) my laptop wifi speed would drop.

but the laptop speed is about 3-4MB/s using the wifi test on my phone, my phone would get 100Mb/s (13MB/s) and my laptop speed would drop to under 100KB/s.
I tought maybe that was the router wifi max speed issue.
but when I took my phone near wifi AP I would get speeds upto 300Mb/s.

what is happening that would choke my laptop wifi ?

both are connected via 5Gz AP.

is this because of openwrt so if I restore linksys oem that would be better?

my hardware of AP device (linksys wrt1200ac)?

is it AP trying to service my benchmark wifi on my phone and going farther from AP would put more pressure on it and it would cut off my laptop?