wifi-One wireless chip corresponds to 2 bands

I have a device with only one wireless chip, but it has two bands (2.4G+5G) working at the same time, on the openwrt platform, how can I make it work normally?

define normally ... ?

Under normal circumstances, openwrt's wifi has two wifi chips (one 2.4G, one 5G), which is distinguished by phy, but I only have one phy, but it has two bands

and what's the device, and chip ?

If the OpenWrt driver properly supports the DBDC device, there's nothing you should do except configure both interfaces as if they were physically separate devices.


You can try openwrt+mt76x0u and turn on 2.4G+5G at the same time

You can try openwrt+mt76x0u, turn on 2.4G+5G at the same time, I didn't find a good way

and what does dmesg say, when you do ?

The system can work normally, I can also configure wifi on the web page, but I can't achieve 2.4G+5G to work at the same time.

that wasn't an answer to the question asked ....

that is not possible if you have one radio. one radio can do virtual interfaces but on the same channel, no on different channels