Wifi module recommendations for x86/64 build

Hi All, I understand from most research it is highly recommended to avoid headaches by using a standalone access point or reuse another router for that functions. I suppose it is still the case today? or if there are any wifi modules that I could get to achieve an All in one solution with decent performance?

My specs below:

  • N5105 celeron with empty mini pcie for the wifi module
  • I am running proxmox with openwrt as one of the VM. I have home assistant as another VM within.
  • Currently using linksys EA8100 as an AP with openwrt flashed.

msata isn't an interface wifi cards use.

If you are satisfied with your current config, with a separate AP, there is no need to change anything.
If you really want an inside wifi card, there are several choices. As far as I can remember (other members of the forum will devellop and correct me):

  • don't use an Intel, the AP function is not supported.
  • prefer an ath9 or ath10 card which are well supported.

I own a compex card, and it works very well.

And yes (@frollic remark) msata and mini PCIe connectors may look the same, they are not identical and interchangeable.


Apologies, mini pcie

Satisfied performance wise, unsatisfied with having an additional power plug to power the standalone AP. Thanks for the recommendations, will look into it.

The problem with the mini PC is that it's a passive cooling. When you add a wifi chip inside it increase the heat a lot. And the wifi 6 chips get really really hot.


there's a couple references in 802.11ax wifi AP mPCI-E cards

Understandable argument.
I forgot these

i saw somewhere some people using 1 PSU to supply several devices with a splitter :

i never tried this btw...i don't know if it is possible, and if it is safe

Lenovo is also doing this for their mini-pc. you can buy the standard 65w psu, or the 135w with a splitter to supply 2 units :

This kind of splitter definitely works and is useful, especially in a situation when you have a 12V UPS. So I power the ISP's modem, the router, and also provide the external power to my USB-SATA adapter, all from one UPS.

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Did you check the max amperage of the PSU ?

I bought a new one.

The UPS is rated for 3A output, and uses additional 0.5A when charging its battery. The PSU is rated for 4A.

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if you have a lot of devices to supply (link coming from my previous comment) :


can i check which compex model you are using? is there any card that support 2 radios for simultaneous 2.4 + 5ghz with 1 card?

Compex WLE600VX
It's an AC wave 1, ath10k model. I used it with a laptop (intel AX200), and it provides 40MB/s on file transfer. That is much satisfactory. You have better models with higher bandwidth if you need (AC wave 2 or AX).

Such wifi card don't provide simultaneously 2.4 and 5GHz. You can still find a peculiar model that will do it, but I have no idea. So if you want both frequencies, you need a double mini pcie slot router (rare) and two cards, or a regular PCIe card, or an external AP.

In my case, the card is set on 5GHz as all my devices are compatible. I still have an AP with 2.4GHz just in need.

DBDC cards exist for mt7915, but those configurations usually drop it down to 2x2 per band.

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THanks for sharing, not easy to find. Found one which may not confirm to have DBDC

The one with confirmed DBDC costs more factoring shipping:


FWIW, one thing to watch out on the passively cooled N5105 mini-pcs is that the mini-pcie slot on some models has components below the slot which interfere with some wifi cards. For example, the AsiaRF card is double-sided - it extends about 1.5mm below the PCB. (User manual has detailed drawings with measurements and tolerances.)

I did manage to install the card in my mini-pc by leaving it tilted up a bit and securing it with a longer screw… but not ideal. And these cards run pretty hot - the particular "passive" mini-pc that I got had an option for a 40mm circulation fan in bottom compartment that holds the ram, ssd, and mpcie slot, and I took advantage of that.