Wifi Mirroring Or ScreenCast,AnyCast is not working in openwrt

guys i have openwrt mi router 4c, i notice that screencast, anycast is not working,
how can i fix it?
is screencast, anycast using a port? if yes what port it is?
btw im using guest wifi

when i connect it in smart tv the screen says "connecting" then few minutes later it disconnect.

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Please provide photos/screenshots of both sides trying to establish a screencast. There are too many different ways to do it, and it is not clear from your message which one is used.

Regarding the suspicion that it is a firewall, then it is likely not the reason: on LAN, all ports are already open, and the wired LAN and the WiFi are in the same bridge, so communications between them (or between different WiFi clients) are not even passing through the firewall.

Something to verify is whether your WiFi network has the "Isolate Clients" setting enabled in the advanced settings (Network > Wireless > Edit your network > scroll down > Advanced settings, but not the ones on the top) - it precludes such communication.

If the screencast protocol is Miracast, then the usual reason for a non-working connection is that the laptop and the TV are connected to different WiFi channels (e.g. laptop to 5 GHz and the TV to 2.4 GHz) and thus cannot establish a direct WiFi connection while also staying connected to their wireless access points. The usual solution is to use different network names for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and explicitly configure the same WiFi network name on both the TV and the laptop.

EDIT: here is a screenshot of a known problematic-for-Miracast setup. I don't have a smart TV, but let's imagine that my Galaxy A02 phone is the TV.

Look: the phone is on wlan0, while the laptop is on wlan1.

Are you trying to cast from your guest network to your main lan (or vice versa)? or is the casting source on the same network as the device that will display it?

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