Wifi Mesh using BATMAN

Hello I've created a mesh with 1 gateway and 4 access points. Now I want to use batman on mesh, I have bat0 devices and batmesh interface on all routers. The problem appears when I'm trying to associate batmesh to the mesh. When I do that I lose connectivity and the only way to connect to access point is with wire. Could someone help me with this problem please?

Disclaimer: no personaly familiarity with B.A.T.M.A.N., so I'll leave this with very generic advice.

B.A.T.M.A.N. is one approach for meshing (e.g. 802.11s would be another, and there are more than just those two), but you mentioned that you had already set up a mesh (presumably working), why adding another approach on top?

These questions are typically easiest to approach by providing a short sketch of your current vs. desired network topology and then providing the configuration files for router and (one of the mesh-) client(s).

I have batman-adv mesh working using one 802.11s mesh point on the 2.4G antennas of my AP’s. For wireless mesh using batman-adv, you don’t add a device to the mesh interface. You have to add the mesh interface as the “network” for the mesh point in the wireless tab.

If you already have a 802.11s meshpoint setup, you shouldn’t have any issue adding the interface as the network. If you are having connectivity issues still, you probably have vlans setup and you need to include bat0.1, etc to the bridges for your networks under the devices tab.