Wifi mac address filter

I have got myself a new router a Wavlink WL-WN529N2 (low cost job) and it seems okay out of the box. The only hick I have is there is no MAC address filtering on the wifi, my very old Linksys WRT54GC has that feature. Before I get involved with trying to put OpenWrt on this router I would like to be sure that this filter is part of the OpenWrt offering?

The Wavlink WL-WN529N2 doesn't appear to be supported by OpenWrt, you might try DD-Wrt.

Many thanks, this beast is based on the MT7628A + 7612E chipset, and
that is supported on a couple of parts. My question was about the
functionality of OpenWrt router software. Does it support MAC filter on
wifi connections? That is double security, both password and MAC
address must match to connect to my wifi. I was shocked that this was
not part of the wn529 functionality.

 Getting OpenWrt on this router will be a challenge, flash it with a 

bios and netboot but before even trying can OpenWrt do MAC address
Regards Ian.

OpenWRT possess wifi mac add filter


Let the forum know if your openwrt install run ok on this router please.
Me too been looking at this router with its 64MB Flash.


selling for 20 usd

OpenWrt does support it as @ZOzo pointed out, both my wrt1200 and ea3500 have it, but only on mac80211 devices if I understand the wiki correctly. The mt76 driver in 7612E appears to be mac80211 so it should support it.

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Any update regarding the install of openwrt on this device?

I'm running it as shipped between my main Linux box and my old router. I am waiting to for a ttl serial port to USB module to arrive (it's lost) so that maybe I can see if openwrt is installed in one form or another. Other than that I'm browsing the literature. Regards Ian.

I have looked at Netgear AC1200 and pulled over the file "openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-netgear_r6120-squashfs-factory.img". The hardware looks to be exactly the same, maybe it is dual band in place of single band. I am asking if the dot.img file includes the bootstrap BIOS, grub loader and all the bits that the Wavlink updater needs to be both functional and re programmable? I am still waiting for the serial to USB converter. Regards Ian.