Wifi Hardware failure

Dlink DIR 895 L.
I have this machine and wifi is not working, SSID is not visible, done every thing, resets, updates, customs firmware, but nothing worked.
Available workshop refused to repair.
Just wondering, is there any way to bring some life to machine, USB PORTS can be used as --WIFI SENDER DONGLE- to produce wifi.
Any firmware supports this feature.


This is it ..?? https://www.dlink.com/en/products/dir-895l-ac5300-mumimo-ultra-wifi-router

Do you have serial cable and see any messages in terminal ..??
lsmod / syslog .. etc ?

I never reached to that level.
If there is some method, kindly guide me.
Device is dead for me, I can take a chance.


OK ..so ..

You need any USB to TTL cable .. this one work for me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Module-USB-Converter-to-TTL-Serial-CH340G-Arduino-Domotic-RS232-PL2303-HX-US/282568044396?hash=item41ca5e2f6c:g:TGIAAOSwuq9ZZXbn

Then You must open your router and find serial port ..
pin are marked like VCC TX RX GND .. . . etc.

..and need any terminal program ..

minicom, picocom .. on linux ...

Any video or tutorial ??
After once I go through this process, what will be next.
And thanks for help.