Wifi down when using tv box

I have OpenWrt 18.06.4 on TP-Link WR841N
When I am torrenting from my android TV box, my router, after a while, becomes unavailable via WIFI. The only thing that breaks down is WIFI. Only restart of WIFI helps. Phones never cause this. The only difference between phones and the box I can see in Luci is that the TV box uses higher speeds. TVbox MCS is 13 and phones never go above 7.
Any ideas what causes it and how to adjust my router to the TVbox needs?

Assuming the TV and phone are on the same WiFi - you could try making another SSID for the TV only which may help.

Force the radio to 20MHZ channel width for all SSID's.

Connect the TV via ethernet to free up the radio.

You could buy another router compatible with 19.07.7 and more memory as the WR841N is a 4/32MB device and should be upgraded eventually.

You could add watchcat and reboot the router every 24 hours.

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You didn't specify the hardware revision of your device, but it matters here. Most revisions only sport 32 MB RAM, which can quickly become exhausted when faced with thousands of open connections from a torrent client.


Memory can't be the problem because that only happens over wifi. Either way buying a modern router is the only right solution I guess.

...limit the number of connected clients to avoid running out of memory...

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