Wifi diagnostics and performance measurement under LEDE

This is not directly a LEDE question but my environment is LEDE / OpenWRT firmware with batman-adv layer 2 mesh.

I would like to improve my ability to diagnose issues with wifi. For example if clients are having performance problems with their connection, or simply cannot connect, all I can currently do is confirm services are working (such as DHCP), check the logs for errors, confirm singnal strength and IP connectivity or reboot the router (which almost always works :slight_smile: ). However, it always bugs me when i reboot the router since I never actually learn what went wrong.

My question is not how do I do that :slight_smile: My question is can some of the experience folks her give me a starting point. I've tried to research this on google and I find the information is either too simplistic (reboot your router or update your firmware) or too low level for my current knowledge (802.11 specs or driver level).

I think the lower level is where I need to go but I'm looking for a more palatable path than reading the standards docs or going through the driver code. Any favorite urls, resources or tools folks want to share?

Thanks for reading.

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there is a package called bandwithd-php that should log and graph the bandwith (unsurprisingly)
see here