Wifi device help ? [No cloud, multi segregated vlans]

New to OpenWRT, looking for a device and could use some help.

Currently run pfsense for routing and will not change, so only looking for the wifi and wifi-vlan capability out of the device I am looking for.

Key attributes
-Vlan aware/capable
-Able to securely segregate Vlans, total separation
-No cloud registration or use required
-1gb connection, so close to 1gb wifi speeds
-Using less than 10 wifi devices/phones/laptops
-Preference for easy install, no soldering / chip flashers if possible but if necessary will do it

Ubiquiti would have been my number one choice with thier software, but the registration to or use of cloud has completely put me off completely.

Please suggest some OpenWRT hardware that I should go for in line with the specs above. Thanks!

For gigabit wifi speed, you probably want an AX device.
Most common is probably the Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 - same product, different brands.

Looks good to me, anything else worth a look?

Just noticed that the Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR are supported by OpenWRT !
Wonder how the actual hardware CPU stacks up against something like the RT3200?

Those who are MT7622 based, the MT7621 appears to be AX1800.

For an AP, the Ubiquiti should work just fine.