WiFi - change OpenWrt default behaviour

The essence of the problem:

  1. WiFi isn't enabled by default in openwrt;
  2. Hence it's impossible to configure the router after the reset or the some kind of of failure if you have only smartphone, tablet or modern laptop without ethernet port;
  3. it is very inconvenient for the end user.

On the other side:

  1. Many routers have unique ssid and passwords that are stored in the eeprom;
  2. Why not to use them for the initial WiFi configuration? It's easy from a technical point of view.

Аre there any obstacles (for example, OpenWrt security policy or something different) in order to implement this solution for specific models of routers? Or I can just make an appropriate pr?

There is a PR in progress for this idea : https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/4349


Thanks! I've joined the discussion in the PR.

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