Wifi bridge hotspot


i hope someone can help me out here.
i just installed openwrt on my tp-link wr1043nd router
i would like to connect to a wifi hotspot which requires me to enter an username and password as login
anyone knows how to set up this?

i succeded to do it with a wifi just requiring a wpa password

i hope someone understands what i mean, if the question has already passed here please point me to it


edit : wpa-eap network

Look for a thread about "travelmate".

i want to connect to a wpa-eap network, i don't need to create one
i would like to connect to a hotspot, is that possible with travelmate?

Did you find the support thread? I would rather ask there.

I believe you need the full wpad package.

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Yes the standard build does not support WPA-Enterprise. You need to remove the wpad-mini package then install wpad. This is simplest if you can connect the router to the Internet somehow then use an online installation with the System: Software page, or opkg on CLI.
You can then configure an EAP client. This is the same as connecting to a PSK AP except for the following.

option encryption 'wpa2'
option identity 'username@domain' # Or Windows style 'DOMAIN\username' if used by your network.
option password 'password'

Default options usually work, for other options see the "WPA Enterprise -- Client" section of https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/basic

Travelmate helps in situations where you may move the router out of range of the AP, i.e. travel to another location and need to configure for a different AP. It isn't necessary if you stay in one location and use the same AP all the time.