Wifi-AP down when Wifi-Internet down?

i´m new at openwrt. I was on holidays with my camper last weeks and my tplink cpe210 was unable to connect to the campspots wifi. I tried openwrt and it works fine again! So far so good, but one thing is confusing me. When i was back home i realised that my camper wifi was missing. I connected via cable to the cpe210 and i see both wifi´s down. The internet-wifi makes sense, because the network from the campside was not in range - but the other one... I changed the internet-wifi to my home wifi and when the connection to that network was established the other wifi also starts.
I don´t understand why. In the past (with the original firmware) it was different. I was always able to connect to the cpe and used my phone on my campers roof to find the best alignment...

What can i do to fix it?


travelmate package ?


I think it is due to the following: If STA and AP are on the same radio, the channel to use for the AP is only known once the STA has connected.

Why would you use the same radio for both, I do this all the time I use whatever radio gets the best/fastest connection and set it as a Wan and use the other radio I set it to Lan. Right now I'm using the 5g radio for wan and the 2.5 for my devices I also use the lan ports for my computers and TV

This way I get the fastest connection, Sharing the same radio decreases threw put significantly

Case number 1: a device with only a single radio.
Case number 2: only a single band on the upstream network necessitates the use of either the 2.4G or 5G radio, and similarly that same band is required by downstream devices on the user's network.

There could be other reasons, too.

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There is only one radio on the cpe210 and cpe510

Just reproduced it on a cpe510. When disconnected the AP is also unreachable.

That is expected, as @andyboeh described.

The solution is Travelmate (as @frollic already said)... this is a package that is specifically designed to deal with this by managing a graceful failover to AP only when the upstream sta mode connection cannot be established.