WiFi 6E/7 wireless M.2 card that works best with OpenWRT

I'm planning on running OpenWRT on a Dell Optiplex 5050 Micro in a virtual machine, and I'm looking for the most ideal WiFi card.

And it can't be a USB adapater.

Use an external purpose built ap. It will provide much better performance than almost any m.2 card in AP mode.

Beyond that, Using WiFi in a virtual machine is tough even with cards that are well supported. The virtualized environment usually adds a lot of complications.

Finally, I don’t think there are any WiFi 7 cards currently supported. WiFi 6e has a few, but you can count them on one hand, if I am not mistaken.

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yea that was the plan down the road later this year :frowning:

I'm currently just re-purposing my old Optiplex.

Guess I'll just look for a compatible WiFi 5/6 card.

Any recommendations for that?


As @psherman said, use dedicated hw, it'll be cheaper than your 5/6 wifi card anyway.

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I understand.

I was hoping to have some fun with it.

I really wanted to replicate this guy’s portable networking device:

It looked fun.

I honestly don’t need anything fast. It just looked fun to do.

But it seems that I’d have an easier time setting this up with a Pi. I have a few lying around since I converted a whole bunch of them into VMs.

If you click the video notes it lists the exact model they got working.

Looks fun if repurposing the computer isn't a waste of resources.

It's not impossible, just not worth it, considering the prices of proper wifi devices.