WiFi 6 supported devices: TP-Link or Zyxel

I am thinking of replacing my old, non-OpenWrt compatible wifi AP and I want to use an OpenWrt enabled one. For this reason, I was searching for all AP that available in my country and support OpenWrt and are WiFi-6 capable.

What I found is these two models:

  1. TP-Link EAP615-Wall
  2. ZyXEL NWA50AX

The TP-Link seems to be better supported, but it's powered only through PoE which is a problem for me. The ZyXEL was even mentioned to an older post, seems to work but no real information if/what is supported.

So I am a bit confused, since I'm quite new to OpenWrt. Of course, if you have more suggestions, please do so.

My real need is actually VLANs, since I want to separate the IoT devices from the rest of my personal items (phone, laptop etc).

Any hints welcome!

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would be what's known about rhe NWA50AX, based on the hardware I can't really imagine what wouldn't be supported - seems to be pretty bog standard mt8721a+mt7915 (for both, actually). mediatek designs are usually rather uniform in nature, which means they're relatively easy to support - without too many pitfalls, at worst some LEDs won't necessarily do what they say or some MAC addresses might be switched.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Please @blocktrron is your commits pushed to master yet? Is a binary release for this device? And if I buy it, can I help somehow? Or should I check @foxt 's version?

At any case thank you for your suggestions and mostly for your work!

Images are available with the latest 22.03 release:


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