WIFI 6 Access point reccomendations/advice

I need a dumb access point which supports WiFi 6.
My main concern with the AP is that Its speeds are stable, has no major bugs (when using OpenWrt).
The price should be around 100€

I'm considering these :
Ubiquiti UniFi 6+

Xiaomi ax 3600, happy here after upgrading to this from Archer c7v5

Using a Unifi U6-Lite with current verison of OpenWRT in my small home network for about 2 weeks or so now. Reliable so far.

Set up with 3 VLANs, broadcasting 3 SSIDs, with a mix of different bands and authentication modes from WPA1/WPA2 mix to WPA3-only.

Could you please provide some speed feedback?
I have a Unifi UAP AC Lite and I'm wondering whether it's worth migrating to OpenWrt. My concern is about potentially losing half of its capacity in the best environment (from 500-550Mbps to 300Mbps when the test is conducted in the same room where it is placed).

In fact I also have an older AP-AC-Lite which I converted to OpenWRT recently as well, and it also works fine.

Unfortunately I don't have any hard data (like iPerf LAN test results) to share. My internet connection is only 90 Mbps downstream and I have no other heavy LAN loads (like large media servers, etc.) with which to compare.

If I can figure out how to easily set up iPerf on my OPNsense router & my main client device (a 2021 Macbook Pro 16", w/ M1 "Pro" CPU,) I will do so and then post up a full write up.

I think I even have a spare AP-AC-Lite running current Unifi firmware as well, so I could add that to the mix. I can't promise a timeline for this, we'll see if I can figure out how to work it into my schedule.


Take your time, I appreciate your fast answer and intention.

I started setting up iperf3 etc. on a couple of devices & my router. Using that I discovered that my maximum achievable throughput on a 1000BaseT (1 GB) direct ethernet connection from my laptop < -- > router was ~610 Mbit/second.

For plain 1Gb ethernet, this figure should be 930-950 Mbit/second if everything is configured correctly on both sides. I am going to troubleshoot that first, and once I have that sorted I will move on to various combinations & permutations of laptop / WiFi / ethernet switch / router setups.

I use Netgear WAX206 (I bought it at around US$30), it's cheap but very great, with 2.5G uplink the NAT WAN-WiFi throughput can hit 1.3-1.5Gbps when my laptop is getting close to it.

The WAX220 should be a lot better and supports PoE.

TOTOLINK X5000R. I have 3 running as AP.

I paid about $50 each on AliExpress