Wifi 2.4 Atheros QCA9560 in Archer C7 not working after upgrading to 21.02

I upgraded my Archer C7 v5 from 21.02 RC4 to 21.02, and now the 2.4 wifi is not working.

Funy thing is that I have other Archer C7 v5, that I upgraded from 19.07.8 to 21.02, that is working pretty smoth.

I compared both, firmwares and drivers and couldn't find any difference.

What else could I review/look for?


I ended up restoring the openwrt factory image and configuring everything from scratch for my main router. After ~1 hour I got al my vlans, firewall and vpn up & running again with 2.4 wifi working just fine.
I have no idea if the problem was caused by any bad package that I didn't install now, or some wrong configuration somewere.


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