WIDE DHCPv6 Build Help Needed

Hey gurus! I have a use-case for WIDE-DHCPv6 (https://sourceforge.net/projects/wide-dhcpv6/) on OpenWrt, specifically dealing with the dumbness that AT&T does with IPv6 PD on their FTTH service.

It seems this existed as an OpenWrt package at some point in the past, but was dropped for some reason. I would like to get this built on current versions of OpenWrt, if possible.

I tried poking at it in a copy of the SF repo that I created here: https://github.com/Fail-Safe/wide-dhcpv6

I am happy to share the package Makefile I'm working with if anyone is interested in helping out. I'm rusty with C these days, but it might be something very easy for the gurus in this forum.

Thanks in advance for any help!

cc: @dlakelan

Closing the loop on this topic...

I ended up not going the WIDE-DHCPv6 route, but instead found a way to make AT&T IPv6 PD work. I've documented the process here:

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