WI-FI repeater with two separate transmitters

Colleagues, has anyone tried to set up a repeater on a device with two transmitters? The task is to receive traffic from a 5 GHz point and distribute the network on another channel through another transmitter. For example, I get an upstream from a point on channel 36, and I have to distribute it to 132 from transmitter 2, all the instructions that are there assume the use of one transmitter, but I want to separate them. When you try to create an access point on another transmitter, it simply does not function, since the transmitter itself is not connected to any network. I tried proto, relayd allowed everything in the firewall but could not succeed. Maybe someone has encountered something like this? I would be grateful for the experience
I`ve tried to use https://forum.archive.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=39077&p=2 and this [Solved] Link two radios to one vlan? now to do it properly? - #3 by eduperez but it was unsuccesfull