Why was bind9 removed from all 22.03.* even though it was there?

I have successfully built 22.03.0, 22.03.1, 22.03.2 and 22.03.3 with PACKAGES=bind-host for PROFILE=xiaomi_miwifi-mini before, but now this package is removed and I can't find anything about it's removal.

It’s a temporary compile problem with the latest version bump of bind. It will return eventually.

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But it has already been compiled. Binary package was available on downloads.openwrt.org
I have successfully ran imageubilder with it!

Sure, but packages are rebuilt frequently as the source is updated.

See the current faillogs:



Although my original answer applies to trying to use new versions before being announced, @KAD brings up an excellent point about a broader scope of the issue in a reply.

Original answer:
22.03.3 hasn't been announced. It isn't finished building.

It is a good idea not to try to use new versions until announced. There is a note about it on the release and security announcements section:

Also, there usually isn't any official links to the release notes until build is complete and images ready. The work-in-progress release note for the .3 release has a warning that it is not complete.

It can be very useful to read release notes to check for suitability for your use case before using.

I think you are misunderstanding the cause and effect of the problem. All non-core packages are symlinked together for the same major release, meaning that all the 22.03.n minor releases uses the same packages. When bind isn't available for (the not yet officially released) 22.03.3, it isn't available for 22.03.2 either.

The problem was caused by a botched backport to 22.03.

If the guilty party reads this, let me be the first to say that I appreciate that you care enough about stable branches to backport stuff that should be backported. I'd rather have some issues sometimes, instead of non-fixed bugs or security issues in stable. I think I can guess the actual reason this change was done and I think that is a valid reason too.

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Thanks for the clarification.

  1. I pointed to 22.03.3 by mistake. I have not used it or built images for it. Just noticed, that it also doesn't have bind.
  2. This was not a bug or a security issue, I believe packages should not be removed from stable, especially without any notice.

Thank you for the clarification.

If it's urgent where you can't wait you can always d/l from 21.02:


I was testing 22.03.3 and needed bind-dig myself.

Can someone add this to the known issues in 22.03.3 release announcement?