Why two other interfaces automatically created after configuring wan to PPPoE?

Steps I followed are,
LuCI → Network → Interfaces → WAN → Edit → General Settings →
Protocol = PPPoE → Switch protocol → Enter username and password for ISP →
Firewall Settings → Create / Assign firewall-zone = wan → Save → Save & Apply

Which results in creating two additional interfaces,

Did I do anything wrong?

Yes, no, perhaps...

There are (major) two ways to configure IPv6 on wan, explicitly (wan6 stanza in the config file) or implicitly, by hitting IPv6 support in the wan configuration (wan_6). Both options are possible and valid, what's better depends on the details. In your case I'd disable the implicit IPv6 support and have a look if the explicitly configured wan6 interface does the job as expected (no wan_6 interface anymore), if it does - case closed (otherwise, the reverse drop the explicit wan6 interface and use only the implicit one).

Your IP redacting (it would have been better to retain at least the first octet) makes it a little hard to judge which of the interfaces is actually in use.

Thank you for the reply. “Stop” options for wan_6 and wan6 are disabled. The only option is left, “Delete”. Sorry, I am at the very early stage of learning.

IPv4: 10. …/32
IPv6: fe80::39f1:…/128

IPv6: 2401:…/64

According to that, it seems the implicit wan_6 interface is being used, so just delete the wan6 interface.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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