Why there is a major verion at the end of package name?

Hey guys,
When I compiled some customized ipk package, I found the satisfy_dependencies package names are end with major version:

Collected errors:

  • satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for libXXXX:
  • libpcap1 * libjson-c4 * libconfig11 *

So for example, when I tried to install the ipk, it told me libpcap1 is not installed, but actually libpcap is installed already. Any thought?


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I'm guessing you didn't compile all the dependencies too...but I hope someone that compiles full packages often will chime in.

I am pretty sure these depended packages are installed.

Did you find where these got installed to?

What do you get when running echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH ? Might just need to add the directory where those libs are into the ld_library_path variable.

This actually failed in the process of image builder. I tried to get this customized ipk into the BIN image by a imager builder. However, It told me these packages (with major version inside) not installed.

Maybe I can ask the question in this way, during the compilation of the packages, for same code, why sometime it gives something like libconfig11_xxxx.ipk, sometime it gives libconfig_xxx.ipk?

I’ve not run across that before. Can you link an example that’s done this?