Why the DHCP ip is running outside of the range?

My DHCP range is set up from 100 to 150, however, some of the IP address was assigned outside of the DHCP range. all clients are set to obtain an IP address automatically, any advice? Thanks.


End = Start + Limit


You will also have leases outside the pool if you in the dhcp server set up static leases outside the pool envelope.

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What can also happen is that, if clients got an IP before you limited the pool size, they will reapply for that IP and get it, even if you were to set a static DHCP lease.

Are you certain? If dnsmasq is following RFC, it should NAK the out-of-range request and OFFER one within it, forcing a client address change.

You have set the start as 100 and the size / number of addresses (limit) to 150, so the range is 100-249.

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I've seen it happen multiple times, but I'm using odhcpd. Might be a specific issue to odhcpd.

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your configuration has a range from 100 -> 249

if you want to limit the range from 100 -> 149 then enter 50 in the limit box.

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