Why should I update from 15.05 to 19.07?

Thanks for the announcement

Could you highlight the top 5 new features / fixes which should force the update ?

We are using the 2015 version

thanks !


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If 5 years of bug/security fixes is not enough of a "feature" justifying the upgrade, you're probably better off sticking with your current version.


Thanks Bob,

I am not looking for justification to change, just the top 5 item

  1. 5 years of bug/security fixes

  2. 5 years of bug/security fixes

  3. 5 years of bug/security fixes

  4. 5 years of bug/security fixes

  5. 5 years of bug/security fixes

And if it were not already clear, 5 years of bug/security fixes.


The ONLY valid answer here. Running 5 year old software on any internet facing device is stupid, let alone running 5 year old software on your internet gateway. There are many known (and fixed!) security issues in those old releases. You are not only putting your entire network at risk, but you also negatively affect others if that router is part of a botnet (chances are it is with unpatched software).


Just read about KRACK, wifite and hashcat. Then have a look into your neighbourhood and get concerned or get relaxed cause you don't have any neighbours. :smiley:


thanks, I have to do "education" to non tech guys and cannot tell them they are s.... :slight_smile: , this is helping.

I know those ppl./problems too. The ppl. do not realize that they are giving their cars to a mechanic. For service which includes a lot security aspects. But for a router facing the plain internet they don't see this. Even a script kid with a decent gpu is able to crack a non-krack-patched router WLAN password within a few minutes (given a lenght about ~10-12 chars and catching enough traffic from a client).
If the clients are old then the krack fix can break compatibility with those client devices (did not see such a device so far).

You could arguee that 15.05 is EOL like a Windows XP is EOL also and you could indicate to the frequent updates of Windows 10 nowdays. It has a reason. :wink:
And if you look into the history of OpenWrt you can see that there are "service relases" every couple of month also.






Paranoia helps to update always / install security fixes :blush: :slight_smile: