Why sch_cake not in image?

After building my custom image, incl. SQM, sch_cake is not included.
Available policies are:
root@blabla/# lsmod | grep sch_
sch_hfsc 14896 0
sch_htb 14048 2
sch_ingress 1264 1
sch_tbf 5840 0

Excerpt from my build-root:
grep cake .config

In build.log I find:
WARNING: kmod-sched-cake is not available in the kernel config - generating empty package

which somehow matches the suspicious size of the package.
I include all packages directly into the image.


Package: kmod-sched-cake
Version: 4.14.132-1
Depends: kernel (=4.14.132-1-e64badd3c41877124a9c0ea8bad21393), kmod-ipt-conntrack
License: GPL-2.0
Section: kernel
Architecture: mipsel_24kc
Installed-Size: 104
Filename: kmod-sched-cake_4.14.132-1_mipsel_24kc.ipk
Size: 865
SHA256sum: b2eb71cf83a1116edecbf4a6fb3ffc5c8b24b62f78157b1bef45927546d58be6
Description: Common Applications Kept Enhanced fq_codel/blue derived shaper

Any ideas, why sch_cake not available ?

Because is was removed from targets with kernel 4.14 in master a month ago by commit https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/5c094ff660fd8e750ed1c1f38719a45065e77348 from @ldir

Since that commit cake is currently only available in master for targets with kernel 4.19 and later, where it is part of the upstream Linux.

Not all targets are yet with kernel 4.19, so that action was rather premature.

You may revert that commit in your own build env. (and possible also the later commit, too)