Why no DNAT in the web interface?

I installed OpenWRT on my router because the factory firmware lacked the ability to individually NAT computers. So after I got it installed imagine my surprise when I found that you can apply SNAT rules, but not DNAT rules. What's the point of having SNAT but not DNAT? I was able to insert the needed DNAT rules in the firewall.user script, but really there should be a way to add DNAT rules as well as SNAT. Or did I miss something? If I did, please let me know where to look.


Isn't DNAT covered in the Port Forwards section?


That's what I get for not looking closely. I saw port forward and skipped it because in my mind port forward is a 1:1 setup, i.e. 443 outside goes to 443 inside, 4092 outside goes to 4421 inside, etc... I've never seen an interface that lets me setup a port forward for a RANGE of ports. So that answer's that. Now I just hope I'm getting the rules right.

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