Why isn't there a bin file after a successful building?

Hi, I am trying to build images for my routers(AsusRT-AC68U, XiaoMi MiWifi Mini, TP-Link WR843N).
At first, I try to build image for WR843N(with default options), and have passed a building without error, but there is no file that likes the one we can download from the Official Site.
For example, official images mostly have a name like "tl-wr843nd-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin" or "tl-wr843nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin", but I only get few of files other than that.

The files in my openwrt/bin/target/ar71xx/tiny/ is following:

It looks like that there is no specific image for my WR843N, even though I have certainly selected the correct profile in "make menuconfig".
I tried to flash the "openwrt-ar71xx-tiny-root.squashfs" into my WR843N, and it can merely boot up and accept ssh login, but Luci doesn't work correctly.

And then, I tried do so for another router(XiaoMi MiWifi Mini). This time, I get the two image files as expecting.

My question is : How to build image for WR843N? Why can't I get the image for it like that for XiaoMi MiWifi Mini?
I built them by following the Quick Image Building Guid.


My guess is that you're running out of space

Run make V=s and looks at the out of near the end

Thanks for your reply.

I built the one for WR843N at first, and then do so for Xiaomi MiWiFi.
Between this two actions, I didn't delete any things.
If there is no more space to build the one for WR843N, there should be also no space to do so for Xiaomi MiWifi. Am I correct?

After I have done there two builds, I have 45G free space in my SSD.

WR843N only has 4Mbyte of flash while the MiWiFi has a lot more in comparison.

Thanks for remind.
In fact I used a modified WR843N that has 16M flash memory.
Is there a way in which I can modify the profile of WR843N?


You'll have to decide how to reallocate the flash among the MTD partitions, change the source, and recompile for your full-on custom build. You may need to perform major surgery, depending on where device-specific data is placed, such at the ART data. I don't see a partition map on the wiki, so I can't comment further.