Why is WPA-PSK declared as "medium security" by openwrt despite any protocol using RC4 should be considered vulnerable?

That clarifies a lot! Thank's for this information. So it's just "out of date" (like 10 years or more) some one could say :bulb:

can it be updated in the next release? removing WPA and setting WPA2 as low and rest to follow?

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Don't think that would be a good idea. Removing WPA, setting WPA2 to low and promoting WPA3 as high which will not properly work with a lot of existing clients and supported routers will add confusion.

I can relabel WPA(1) to low though.


and get rid of RC4 please!

Not a LuCI matter.

Is there any particular place to "request" this? In another forum category or some issue tracker?

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