Why does OpenWrt still include the vulnerable RC4 encryption algorithm (TKIP cipher)?

This is what I thought but I resisted to write that till the day the the collective have mercy to dumb this (since 10 years obsolete) cipher I might be even able to deliver the code for removal :joy:

While TKIP was intended to be at least relatively more secured than WEP, the standard has since been deprecated in the 2012 revision of Wi-Fi 802.11 after it was found to have glaring security loopholes that can be exploited by hackers without too much of a problem. That’s because TKIP uses the same underlying mechanism as WEP, and is hence, equally vulnerable to attacks.

Another fun fact: The openwrt wiki actually mentions that WPA (defaults?) are not secure :point_down:


On the other hand most people probably will not bother to look into the wiki and trust the openwrt web ui which still states it is secure::


...but hopefully not much longer