Why is sstp vpn so slow -- tops out at 5megs

hi there, I have starlink connection so I set up sstp connection on my openwrt router so I can have remote access and port forwarding. but it is so slow lt tops out at 5megs if I reconfigure the hardware to ubuntu OS it tops at at 60 megs.

Try wireguard

Which one would that be?

On the same router?

yeah my router is a an open source router I can install openwrt onto it or various linux's arm base OS onto it by just swapping out the sd card

okay I will try wireguard and see if I can get it to work with my vpn server ( purevpn).

okay I looked into wireguard it would seam not be possible, as it builds only a configuration file for general purevpn general vpn servers and not the dedicated vpn server that support port forwarding aspect.. for the general vpn I can use openvpn and that works fine

At the risk of repeating myself, which one would that be?

lamobo-R1 0penwrt-22.03 - sorry if I misinterpreted what you wanted

I was able to get reasonable speed boost to where it more usable the sstp by reducing the mtu to 1100. things work better. but still no where near as well, as how it sstp works on Ubuntu. I am wondering are your ppp connections throttled in the software or configurations