Why buildroot look weird?


VT100 vs. ANSI vs. xterm vs. ??? for terminal settings, perhaps?

(TERM here "happens to be" xterm-256color and it looks OK)

it's same on physical screen on local, and TERM looks like xterm-256 so I have no idea

try newly cloned source from master, it no longer does this I wonder what kind of this can corrupt menuconfig?

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Glad you got it fixed. Strange behavior is sometimes cleared up by removing tmp/ in the build directory.

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Pure guess, but likely related to a semi-failed re-compilation of conf & mconf due to changes last week. (make clean does not clear the conf tool compilation results in scripts/config. "make config-clean" should clean those, but there was a typo related to that, which contributed to the problem.)

The first changes last week left old config binaries into partially unstable situation as the change did not trigger a full rebuild of the conf components, but there was a fix later.

original commit:
possible fix: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=0096a1cf0015e483b99e51c74f2f0bbae7247342

The bug affected old buildroots that already had binaries for conf components, but did not affect new clones.


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