Who is behind PandoraBox new builds at pangubox?

I really wonder who is behind https://downloads.pangubox.com/
The pandorabo's last source code I saw is 5 years old.
At https://downloads.pangubox.com/ there are a few different "updated" versions.

But no change logs. It is not clear what the firmware contains.
File size jump up and down .. Version 18.08, 18.09 was 10Mb, 18.12 is 6Mb, 19.01 is 9Mb.

It may as well be published by a hacking organization that wants to implants all sort of malware and backdoors in it.

Any reason why I should trust that site?


Not sure what info/answer you’re looking for? Agreed that sounds rather dodgey but this forum is regarding openwrt... whats the issue youre facing?


For some routers PandoraBox still perform a lot better than standard OpenWrt. I see a few people telling that prefer it for this reason. I debate if I should use it as well so I am trying to find out more info.

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I can understand your reason, but the vast majority of people in this forum uses OpenWrt, not PandoraBox...


I have got the changelog https://imgur.com/download/bFXqrfl after installing the firmware, not sure if its gonna help you.

Last Update Change Log


PandoraBox firmware is freely licensed for use in non-commercial environments.
Powered by PandoraBox Team:

Update log:

IPQ806X off by default VLAN, note: VLAN re-open interfaces need to use ethX.X 
increase linksys series original firmware upgrade support, factory.bin suffix firmware can be upgraded in the official firmware 
update to the 1.0.x-git flashrom 
repair luci- app-smartinfo not use the issue 
MT7621 increase initramfs, for NAND upgrade 
repair R3P / R3G NAND bad fast reserved area 
update MT7621 NAND drive to adapt to the new API NAND 
backport Linux NAND API 3.16 of 
repair millet R3P LAN interface name wrong issue 

repair WNDR3800 Internet-LED display problem 
repair extroot overlay failures 
qcawifi adjustment 5G channel defaults to 149, to solve some of the equipment can not link the low-frequency channel problem 
completely fix upnp not work properly in the Thunder 5 applications such issues 

mt7621 add new eip93 hardware encryption drive (test) 
updated to 4.19.7 mac80211 driving 

cancellation optimized for ar71xx MIPS 74Kc, re + 10% performance loss re compatible MIPS 24KC series 
attempts adapted WNDR4300 / WNDR3700 / WNDR3800, to be tested
Trying to fit ARCHER C5 series, to be tested 
trying to fit ARCHER C7 (WDR7500v2 / v3 / v5 ), to be tested 
qcawifi not set by default country code to unlock channel power limit 
qcawifi increase 2.3G / 2.5G superchannel (special channel) support, Need to set the country code for DB debug mode 

add linksys ea8500/ea6350v3 dual boot support 
full-cone-nat fix SNAT error 

increase cifsd and cifsd-tools 
update ipq40xx smp optimization parameter 

repair C526A MT7615N MAC address error the problem 
corrected EA6350v3 original dual-boot uboot support 
increased BoardData EA6350v3 / C526A, repair, poor signal problems 
increase Linksys EA6350v3 support (IPQ4018) 
increase Hiwifi C512A support (IPQ4019 + MT7615N) 
correction mt7615 support for qualcomm platform 
ipq40xx / ipq806x increase gpiodev support 
qcawifi increase IPQ4019 double 5G boarddata 
repair apcli getopt error in the arm platform 
split ralink-apctrl, platform used to support non-ralink
qcawifi increase two-5G supports 
increased qca-mcs, IGMP proxy for accelerating 

increase qca-nss-ecm switch options 
qcawifi increase TDMA support options, you need to enable both the AP and the STA device TDMA support to take effect 
qcawifi increase the country code option 
qcawifi default open HT40 

increase Linksys EA8500 (IPQ8064 + QCA9880 + QCA9980 ) support 
to optimize AR71XX 74Kc series SoC build parameters, by default MDSP R2 support 
by default is no longer supported CA953X / AR933X series 24Kc SoC, ready to give support 

repair DW33D / SBR -AC1750 NAT can not exceed megabytes problem (GMAC workaround) 
correction ipq806x of GMAC Power configuration 

increase freeradius3 
qcawifi increase BoardData correction K2T / R78000, and try to fix K2T / R7800 5G weak signal problem 
temporarily remove ATH10k to K2T / R7800 support, current ATH10K support QCA9984 / QCA9886 exist BUG 

increase Arris SBR-AC1750 (QCA9558 + QCA9880 ) support 
increased Phincomm K2T support (QCA956X + QCA9886)
Increase Letv SuperRouter (QCA9531) support 
qcawifi amendment qca953x wireless Name 

the RESET error correction mx25l25635e issue of 
qcawifi off by default MU-MIMO support for garbage BCM equipment, corrected the problem of low throughput using a cell phone BCM4359 chip (BCM BUG)! 
Correction Jhr-ac860m sysupgrade can not upgrade firmware problem 

Win10 1809 new version has not supported SMB1 by default, give up Samba3.x support 
spi-mt7621 driver replaced by upstream (linux 4.20) version 

2019.01.09 to
add kernel state based on ntfs-3g modification ntfs drive, first edition, tested 
updated mtk nand support list, try to fix millet R3P new model does not support problems 
increase Netgear R7800 (IPQ8065 + QCA9984 + QCA9984 ) support 
is disabled by default router cache, routing table cache amended mwan issue 

correction qcawifi rate can only work as a sta 11a or 11g problems 
corrected x86 platform support for VMware / Hyper-V virtualization platform 
to increase mwan3 helper 
correction ipq806x ahci not work issue 

try to fix the problem pptp service can not be used again (to be Measurement)
UPNP enabled by default compatibility mode, to solve some software does not support the new protocol issues 
refresh the relevant configuration, ipq806x first edition Release 
ipq806x enabled by default lxc container support 

increase buffalo wxr-2533dhp (IPQ806x) support 
increased qualcomm ap148 (IPQ806x) demo support 
pbr-optimizer increase ipq806x support 
amendments ipq806x nss-crypto support the 
amendment ipq806x nss-ecm support the 
amendment ipq806x nss-offload support the 
amendment ipq806x samba acceleration support 
amendments ipq806x qcawifi boarddata load error problem 

correction golang in x86 platforms can not compile problem 
temporarily closed mt7621 highmem 
ppp remove the delay option 
to use dnsmasq-full-DHCPv6 replace dnsmasq 

correction ipq806x clk drive, cpu frequency can not be set to resolve the issue 

update nat46 
increase ipq806x / 807x NSS firmware 
increases rpcd parameters automatically restart, log on to solve error problem 
sort ipq806x platform

mptcp their cause network errors occur, the temporary removal of mptcp support the 
amendment new spi nor driver was not imported of_part, resulting in spi flash partition error problem 

correction lxc under procd restart errors caused 
backport udp-tunnel from linux 3.17 
correction newifi3 / youku l2 vlan default kernel driver error 

mt7621 / ipq40xx platform by default LXC / docker container virtualization support 
update to 0.13.7 rtorrent 
increase increase gopath to the path environment variable, to facilitate the implementation of the program go 
to update uclibc-ng to 1.0. 31 
Fixed wireless wr1200js no problem, test 
update xl2tpd, the test 
question wrong correction R3P WAN port, the test 

correction procd related pts not work at lxc container issues 
correction fstools container needs to be skipped in the overlay lxc 
update luci-app-lxc translation 
update to 3.0.3 lxc 
correction lxc of pandorabox template error 
correction lxc of debian template error 

sort spi-related kernel configuration for all platforms / patches

increase qt5 interface library, planned for MT7628 + SPI-TFT screen 

backport 4.19 spimem support 
backport spi nor 4.19 in / nand support 
comb linux spi nor / nand architecture related support 
updates mt7621 / mt7628 SPI host drive 

2018.11 .26
procd fstools correction in the container does not work properly lxc problem 
lxc increase debian with pandorabox template 
update-MOD-lxc rpcd 
luci-App-lxc reconstruction 
pandoraBox SDK allows golang package compiled 

update golang related packages, go-ipfs / gx-go / docker / lxd and other related amendments golang package, support for SDK can be directly translated golang package update golang toolchain support, modify package.mk support golang package compiled 
update btrfs-progs 
update xz library 

update to 3.0.2 lxc 

default luci-theme-darkmatter theme 
updated util-linux, increase lscpu commands 

Update swconfig consistent with the lede 17.01 
swconfig support switch_ext 
swconfig switched to libswconfig 
qcawifi closed ipq40xx of fw dump, save memory 
update dw33d led configured 

2.4G default only open the WiFi HT20, the same drive is always worse than silly X 2.4G said Padavan 
2.4G low throughput students can open HT40 (differential interference) 

correction ImageBuild lack of correspondence file, not the normal use of 
the correction depend on a series of package error 
correction PGB-4G support, updates 4G DEMO default package 

Ralink platform update to a new software package framework 

AR71XX update to a new software package framework 

correction AR71XX SFE error loading problem can not be properly run 
increase Gehua link from the GH-A1 support (MT7621AT + MT7612E + MT7603E) 

Fixed barley dw33d wireless mac address error problem 
AR71XX for some models separately integrated ATH9K/ATH10K/qcawifi driver 

for all generated firmware to add git version number date suffix
AR71XX platform to clean up, remove support all models AR713X / AR714x / AR7161 / AR913x / AR9331 of 
streamlining the standard kernel size, adapt QCA AP152 some special machine 
synchronous switch api lede 17.01 consistent with the 
increase in new package.mk packages generated by default mode 

increase TOTOLINK A7000R (MT7621AT + MT7615N + MT7615N ) support the 
amendment ath9k run crash on ar71xx qca956x problem 
corrected mt7628 ephy LED function error issue 

synchronization nginx version openwrt 18.06 consistent with 
amendments qcawifi not compile in x86 platform issues 
update uclibc-ng to Master git 

correction pbr-aps512 loaded art data errors qcawifi crashes 
correction qcawifi mt7621 platform in question can not be loaded normally 
allow qca-hostapd and other packages compiled on non-qca platform, planned for MT762X / 88F6560/x86 and other platforms 

added RosyWrt WR818 (QCA956X) support to increase barley DW33D support, default use qcaiwifi to 
increase Netgear WNDR4300v2/WNDR4500v3 (QCA956X) support, default use qcaiwifi
Increase 9K / 10K full range of firmware qcawifi need 
qcawifi increase automatically correct art checksum function 
correction art2 mt7621 platform in question can not be loaded properly 
corrected spi-nand drive can not be used GD5F1G4UXX problem 
corrected ar71xx platform of support for spi nand 

JCG JHR848Q increase (QCA956X) support 
update ar8337n ssdk drive, ready to support HWNAT 
update QCA956X / QCA955X series GPIO IRQ 
update QCA956X / QCA955X series core support 

formal accession ar71xx release, only WR843N (ar9341,64M, 16M) test passed 
amendments sfe accelerating x86 The problem with the ar71xx platform is not loading properly. 
Filemager adds mips platform support 
backport 4.10 MIPS-Introduce-irq_stack, allowing each cpu to have its own internal irq stack 

fix php-pecl-http can not compile on ar71xx platform 
ar71xx increase Mips74kc architecture optimization parameters, default to open mdsp optimized long integer 
ar71xx discard old ar724x ar913x and other 24kc SoC support, only support 74kc series SoC
Ar71xx GPIO driver adds IRQ support, pandorabox button driver only supports IRQ trigger 
ar71xx discard old platform firmware generation mode, new mode temporarily only supports several new router models 
ar71xx modified pandorabox gpio button supports 
ar71xx discard nand and other subtarget, merge into a single target 

qcawifi-fulloffload can not load problem under normal correction ar71xx 
modify ar71xx platform qcawifi driver can not load correctly art calibration data problems, workaround! 
correcting errors ar71xx hostname problem 
correction iwinfo does not support qcawifi drive problem on ar71xx platform 
backport linux 4.10 symbol_ktime_divns 

luci-App-filemanager increase support x86 
x86 update alpha test version of the 
amendment in the new version of the drive arm platform mac80211 problem can not be compiled 

update fixes serious stuff ping mt7603 wireless problems (BUG repair by another cause) 
cancel mt7603 PSM BUG repair patch 
update mt7603 drive rate algorithm, try to alleviate the ping packet loss 

merge mt76 to drive MAC80211
backport linux-4.1 skb_to_sgvec_nomark function of 
correcting mac80211 mt7601u driven compilation 
backport linux-4.19 mt76x2u / mt76x0u driver support 
linux firmware increases mt7612e mt7621u support 
backport linux-4.19 ath10k-ct 
updated lvm2 

increase modemmanager, MC7455 modules for management 
to increase pgb -4gm support, PanguBox 4G device 
PandoraBox SDK compiled with target_dir, contains most of the libraries, avoids compiling packages missing library 
QMI driver added SLM750 4G module support 
cellular-modems increase dialing support for SLM750 
cellular-modems cancel SIM7100 / 7600 series modules QMI dial-up support, forced to use PPP dial 
repair some firmware bug in the 4G module can not be used QMI mode issue 
corrected non-acpi support platform compiler mac80211 driver backport problem 
corrected X86 platform can not be used mac80211 backport 4.19-rc5 problem 
udhcpc try to amend IPv6 
synchronization OpenWrt mac80211 backport 4.19-rc5 modification 

Not the normal state of correcting LUCI PPP dial-up problems 
in PSM small adjustments MT7612 / MT7603 / MT7615 is 
increased JCG JHR-AC860M support, wireless module is 3x3 MT7615B 

try to fix millet Pro MT7615N support, test. 
Try to fix K2P MT7615D DBDC support , IxChariot test fails, refer to the known BUG. 
MT7615N / MT7615DN drive return 
MT7615 correction memory cross-border issues 
MT7615 MCU Firmware synchronized to 20171225132226a 
MT7615 correction and AC9260 compatibility issues 
known BUG: MT7615 PCIE Reset disruptions caused by errors 
known BUG :MT7615 9260AC IxChariot multi-threaded hybrid test failure 

Delete all new bmc NIC support in 
mac80211 driver mac80211 driver update to 4.19-rc5 backport 

SLM630B enable ECM dialing mode 
SIM7600CE cancel QMI mandatory use PPP dialing mode 
correction Neoway SMS N720 port 

mt7628 series 4G devices using the new cellular-modems 4g dial-up
Increase PandoraBox cellular-modems package for 4G network applications 
increased smstool, 4g module for SMS 
updates uqmi ubim applications, debugging module for 4G 
update linux 3.14 kernel QMI interface driver, backport from linux 4.18 
correction SIM7100 / 7600 of QMI mode driver support, SIM7600CE module firmware itself QMI exist BUG. 

removed libubox a workaround, configure various error cause the system to initialize 
increase luci-theme-netgear, from En-shan users 

increase luci-app-update for OTA update, complete only the log update 
x86 platform delete unneeded equipment support, increased support for x64 

ar71xx platform by default FPU simulation, node and other applications that require analog FPU 
update comgt with minicom, for debugging 4G module 
luci increase : 

increase fl2000 usb2vga drivers 
try to correct IPv6 support issues 
json_get_var parameter increases workaround, the parameter is null return 0 

increase reaver and bind-host package 
update ar71xx / x86 cores, accelerated increase splice interfaces 
BCM garbage never support, related to package all set to broken 
wireless chip firmware to version 18.06 openwrt 
forced to skip gcc bug 64735, toolchain problem 
corrected pincrtl set mt7628 ephy led invalidity 
ac-58u correction Power led lighting problem 
corrected boost in armv5 not compile problem 
ufsd x86 fix support 

correction luci-app-v2ray not use the issue 
avanta platform switch to board.d mode, change the mode of generating the firmware 
update mac80211 drive consistent and openwrt 18.06 
Close SPI 50MHz high-speed mode, because the poor quality / bad design of the flash can not be normal Start 

update avanta platform configuration, ready to re-support 
MI424WR REV I clean up the equipment supported by ar71xx platform 

dnsmasq default cancel noping, default opening sequence assigned IP 
amended kmod-ipt-nat6 lack ip6table_nat.ko module problem 
updating shadowsocks-client 
correction ssr and other packages can not use the normal problem 
corrected luci-app-dnspod can not use problem 
corrected in the arm can not be zerotier compile problems 

increase zerotier 
repair uclibc-ng synchronization buildroot of 
amendments to gcc 5.5 libstdc ++ compatibility issues uclibc of 

repair linux 3.14 at 2.30 under binutils not compile issues 
update package does not compile binutils 2.30 

corrected a lot in gcc7 not compile under a package 
update to 2.6.30 binutils 
increase gcc 7.3 / 6.1 / 5.5, 5.5 defaults to using gcc 

correction Baidu Music box M100 support, support for audio 

correction nodejs problem can not be compiled in ipq40xx 
increase atop Gphoto2 v4l2rtspserver opus-tools rtty beep 
update valgrind to support ARM platform
Amend gcc 4.9 compiler under procd not issue 

correction nodejs ipq40xx platform in question can not be compiled 
gcc correction fpu support 
increased atop gphoto2 v4l2rtspserver opus-tools rtty beep 
update memtester 
update valgrind, support ARM 
amend gcc 4.9 compiler issues under procd not 
increase ipq40xx / 806x series of dependent modules, SD / MMC / AHCI / I2C and other 
discarded udev, use eudev 
update mt76xx i2s alsa drive 
increased linksmart 7688 supports the 
amendment mt76XX use of non-UART0 as a matter console can not be used 
to update node v10 
update golang 
increase findutils 

increase luci series APP, the open source project from Lean: 
luci- App-frpc

Try to fix the shortcut -fe not work on the issue MTK series platform, the test 
increased softethervpn 
increased iphone usb shared drive 
gcc-4.9 backport gcc-5.4 bug fixes 
update ngrokc 
update openconnect 

update gcc linaro to 4.9, support for C ++ 11 / C11 
Update gdb linaro to 7.8 match gcc 4.9 

update add mt7628 firmware release 
fix mt7621 audio missing gdma driver 
discard part of old platform support 
Try to increase AU WR1200JS support, not tested 
Fix Linksys RE6500 audio output 
Add pcap-dnsproxy 
add simple- Obfs 
update shadowsocks
Update mbedtls libev libsodium pcre 

fix RE6500 audio support 
Fix Widora NEO audio support 
Fix MTK MT76XX I2S driver support 
Fix Regmap I2S/SPI driver error 
Correct linux 3.14 asound cache io causes audio error 

increase CH341A-SPI 
increase ch341prog 
Update flashrom to 1.0, fix ch341a read and write problems 
Correct linux 3.14 kernel spi full duplex mode 
Update speedtest for lintel rewritten speedtest client 

Try to fix Fischer K2G Gigabit WAN with Breed can not be used, unverified 
attempts Update mt7615 driver to 
update uclibc-ng to 1.0.30 
fix GPIO PWM module can not be used problem 
Correct GPIO SPI frequency problem 

add native golang 
fix cmake module can not use problem 

fix mt7621+mt76x2e in intel 9260AC two way 
Overkill crash problem (with Samba write test problem) fix mt76x2e and Intel 9260AC compatibility issues
Workaround MT76x2e On the MT7621 stress test Anes MCU wait timeout appeared in a week, not completely solved 
Correct the original gcc compiler parameters 
Add cmake package

BCM's garbage will never be supported, no need to ask!!!

The changelog is translated by google translator

I use pandorabox 19.01 on mi wifi mini from here ;


Also openwrt tried..

Best wifi perfonmance on pandorabox ... openwrt not good on wifi speed perfonmance for now ...

Pandoabox on based openwrt coming ready use very installed tools.

Powered by PandoraBox Team:

lintel - intel.huang@gmail.com

GuoGuo - gch981213@gmail.com

Shawn.luo - strugglelg@gmail.com

Lean - coolsnowwolf@gmail.com

i have found source for compile pandorabox firmware but wifi problem with DFS channels

i use in fine PandoraBox 18.07
compilation informations:
i have compiled & removed chinese pages , samba4 ( no many place in flash for add minidlna , luci-app-relayd )

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No problem with DFS channels & version 18.07 / 18.12 .
Requiert to use not CN wifi configuration for me : FR

pandorabox sources (mirror)


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