Who is admin for wiki?

There appears to no longer be an active admin for the wiki. And sometime early this year something changed that removed new data for entry categories on the Dataentry Template for the table of hardware. Some of the apparent issues are as follows:

  • It is no longer possible to correctly create entries for some supported targets.
  • Brands that had previously been added to the Brand drop-down have disappeared.
  • Switch is no longer a valid entry for the Device Type entry.

Could we please get someone to fix this.

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First one to ask gets the job? :slight_smile:


I don't mind volunteering. Although I would prefer to be an alternate as I'm not sure I could devote enough time to be the only admin! Let me know if I can help in any way. As I stated before I have contributed a considerable volume of entries to WikiDevi and have recently been trying to ensure that the Table Of Hardware has an entry for each supported device. That is where I've run into the various issues.


@thess Ted, weren't you trying to organize a new wiki team?

Paul @aparcar took over admin of the site. It's up to him for what is next since it was moved to a new system.

Hi, I took over due to massive performance issues and an outdated infrastructure. After the migration I did not further optimize things so I'm very happy if there is someone else to do the job.

Long term I still want to see something like devices.openwrt.org, pkgs.openwrt.org, docs.openwrt.org instead of a single wiki but that's just me dreaming.

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AFAIR from long time ago, single site with directories is better for SEO than multiple sites. Not sure if it's still the case.

Was the migration responsible for losing some of the entries used in the Dataentry Template for the table of hardware? Currently there are missing target architectures (bcm27xx, bcm47xx, bcm4908, bcm63xx, bmips, d1, imx, ipq807x, loongarch64, qualcommax, realtek, rockchip, sifiveu, starfive, and tegra). Some of these were renamed from another target that does occur in the list, while others are new and/or have disappeared from the list. I know for a fact the realtek was on the list late last year. For DeviceType 'Switch' was on the list, but disappeared sometime earlier this year. Many Brands have gone missing from the list also. For Brands if everything listed on https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/start that is missing from the list could be added that would be a great start.

I would be happy to maintain these lists if given appropriate permissions. I would keep a watch on pull requests for new devices and add the appropriate entries to the DeviceType, target and Brand as new device support is added.


@aparcar any chance of some progress on added missing target architectures? Currently it is not possible to easily access any of the RISCV (d1, sifevu and starfive) devices. And every time a change is made to rockchip or realtek devices they loose the target architecture!

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