Which UPnP for OpenWrt?

I know it a security concern but it's not practical for family and friends to open and close ports manually?


What do you need opening ports for?

LOL , I'm confused ? :confused: :grinning:

It's for what ever ports that need forwarding when friends and family try out games or applications the same as an off the shelf retail router?

Try installing luci-app-upnp, it will install the required miniupnpd

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Thanks , i wasn't sure about luci-app-upnp as there seems to be a lot of old posts about it not working with some games consoles so i wasn't sure of the current situation or if there was something better.

I don't need the younger members of the family and friends bothering me when they bring around their consoles and such that it doesn't work. :crazy_face:

there's only one way to find out :smiley:

I see that luci-app-upnp can be install via the Luci GUI or command line, is one way more preferable than the other or does it make no difference?

no difference, as far as I know.


I thought i'd ask as i didn't want to install it via command line to find out for some reason i can't configure via Luci at its already been a bit flaky and buggy in the 19 snapshot, thanks. :+1:


Just make sure you enable "secure mode". This stops clients requesting forwards to IP addresses other than their own, which is where the all the FUD around UPnP originally arose (compromised clients on a LAN requesting the UPnP open a forward to other insecure hosts on the LAN).


Thanks Buddy. :grinning:

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