Which type of USB TTL to RS232 serial cable?

Hi all,

I have managed to get a spare Plusnet hub 1 so was wondering if the ebay link below is the right cable for unlocking it and installing Openwrt .

I have seen this one but its showing as PL2303HX .
Would that work to unlock the hub 1 ?

" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265245622487?epid=3020111495&hash=item3dc1df00d7:g:7cIAAOSwOaJhAcdF "

Is there a better option that I should go for ?
I chose this as its quick delivery compared to the deliveries from China and its the cheapest but please let me know if I should go for a better option.

I will be trying to do the unlocking through a Windows 8.1 computer.

As long as your windows recognize it and install the drivers it should be fine. Be careful with the voltage, as it seems to support both 3,3V and 5V.

The USB adapter you linked should work in theory. I presume you have extra leads to connect this adapter to the Hub One.

Check out the 2-BT HH5a Openwrt/LEDE Windows setup guide
Windows Vista driver also in above dropbox, because the default driver provided by Windows Update probably won't work with your counterfeit 2303HX adapter.

I am scared now :worried: ... if the 2303HX adapter is counterfeit, would the one below be better ?
Obviously, the fast delivery is out of the question, but I would rather have something solid than fast delivery of something fake.


This one works really well, but the price's a lot higher.

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Which USB to serial adapter should I buy? - #5 by diizzy ?
I bought these a few months ago and they seem legit (Prolific's software claims so at least) albeit a bit bulky

@diizzy ...... that's gonna knock me back on the pounds and I am trying to save a few :crazy_face: .

@frollic .. Yes that's too much for my budget.

Any good?


@bill888 .. Yes, I'll bite the bullet and order one.

cheers everyone

cp2102 would be another (cheap and rarely counterfeit) option.

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Hi guys ,

Managed to get around to starting this project but am running into trouble.
On windows when I try to paste the details from the notepad++ nothing is happening on the putty program side .

I know that I've done the soldering right as I get CFG 04.

The CFG 06 is after a while when nothing happens I make sure that it getting the readings.

Please advise

For starters, use the Win snipping tool :wink:

TX isn't required for RX to work, so in theory, there might be a transmit issue from your computer.

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So what do you suggest ?

just out of curiosity, how did you send the file from your client to the router ? C&P ?

Using putty as it suggests in the windows pdf instructions.

1st I open the asc file using notepad++ then copy the file by selecting all of it and copying and then Ctrl and right click and then paste it .

Have you tried connecting TX and RX of the leads from your adapter together and confirm whatever you type into PuTTY appears on the PuTTY screen to confirm the adapter is working?


copy /b file.to.ul.asc com6: might work too (up until win7 it did, anyway :wink: ), in a CMD window.

so if I type any letters on the keyboard they should appear on the Putty screen?

if/when the pins are shorted, yes.

when I have the white [RXD] and green [TXD] together nothing happens but when I try white [RXD] and black[GND] it shows garbled writing, black[GND] and green [TXD] I get nothing .

Have I messed up the adapter ?

I think I may have messed up my router as well as I can't seem to start it normally without the usb adapter connected. Its as if its shorting out , the starting lights blink and then nothing .