Which package provides the best captive portal solution for OpenWrt AP?

I am trying to set-up a free and secure hotspot for users. Users come in, see the splash page, fill-in their details and get the Internet access for a limited time and with limited bandwidth.

I want splash page to sit on a separate web server and not on the AP for increased flexibility. Moreover, I would like to do accounting using a remote RADIUS server.

What I have tried?

  • Coova-chilli
    It works but not very smoothly. It is an outdated package with not-so-good documentation.

  • Nodogsplash
    Nodogsplash requires the installation of “php7-cli” and “php7-mod-openssl” modules for secure connection. Now the problem is: these packages in turn install a whole lot of other packages including php7. And all these packages aren't fitting on the device.

    Moreover, for bandwidth limiting additional packages have to be installed.
    And there is no direct RADIUS support.

I am using a Unifi AP AC lite with 16 MB Flash and 128 MB Memory.

What other alternatives are there which I can use that can be seamlessly
integrated and provide smooth user-experience?

I also looked at Wifi-Dog, Is it outdated?

Is there a way to efficiently use Nodogsplash?

coova-chilli is best solution, as it has all required functionality. And even more, i.e. MAC-auth. Outdated ? Because it simply works ? You are correct, bad docs. To configure coova correctly is (almost) "Black Magic".
But , by purpose, may be. Cause also used in commercial hotspot systems.
Having done several commercial systems, even with mobile hotspots for public transport, I will PM you.

I advice wifidog powerful and simplify auth captive portal support 500 routers based on openwrt. It is easy auth management php code. you can setup cloud based voucher, user auth and time/data limit hotspot system. I have setup my own hotspot cloud management system that call cloudwifizone Installation very simple with in a minutes you setup own hotspot.

Hi henok400, can you give me a documents to setup a cloud system as you did?

cloudwifizone wifidog

first hit on google ...

it's third party system, i wanna make my own server on my VPS

Then why are you asking a guy who says he set it up using cloudwifizone, for a solution you clearly don't want to use ?

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