Which OpenWrt firmware to flash if coming from Tomato?

Hello, I have a Linksys E4200 V1 currently running FreshTomato. This is the first device I put Tomato on, so I'm still exploring it though not entirely sure I'll stick with it. In the event that I want to change to using OpenWrt instead, which does support this hardware, should I flash using the Install image or the Upgrade image?

I understand their difference is some potential offsets in memory position, which matters when one is initially flashing over the OEM firmware vs upgrading through an existing OpenWrt install. But I'm not sure how this affects my situation.

First of all, BCM4331 is not exactly a good choice[0] with OpenWrt in mind.

In general, the only safe procedure would involve first going back to the OEM firmware (how to accomplish that should be documented by your previous 3rd party firmware, so FreshTomato in this case) - and installing OpenWrt from the running OEM firmware. Shortcuts may technically exist for some devices, but they can't be assumed to be present in general. Determining if they are possible in this particular case would involve a pretty intimate knowledge of both firmwares running on this particular router model and vary between devices, the individual 3rd party firmwares and even their versions.

[0] afaik brcmsmac doesn't offer AP mode, while it does cover BCM4331, Broadcom hasn't really kept up with brcmsmac maintenance after its introduction and features beyond simple client needs (think notebook usage) are somewhere between basic and non-existent, this does hurt the typical usage scenarios of OpenWrt devices.

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Thanks for the clear explanation. Perhaps I'll stick with FreshTomato on this device then. I am liking it so far.

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