Which luci theme are you using?

all the themes included in openwrt/luci repository

  • luci-theme-bootstrap (current default)
  • luci-theme-material
  • luci-theme-openwrt-2020
  • luci-theme-openwrt
  • luci-theme-rosy
  • some other theme from 3rd repository?
  • I don't use luci

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I don't have rosy theme in my snapshot build?

I didn't even know there was themes. :laughing:

I only have bootstrap, material and openwrt available as choices.
I would be interested in openwrt-2020 and went on docs luci-themes page, but 2020 version seems empty.
Can anyone kindly assist in installing 2020 or any other theme for that matter ?

The Rosy theme is no longer maintained, AFAIK.

If you are using a stock Snapshot, just go to your opkg/luci and search for theme, and it'll bring up all the LuCi themes available.

Alternatively, if you're building from source, it's under Luci Applications.

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I have 19.03.7 release, would that explain why 2020 doesn't show up in available packages ?

meant 19.07.3, i went cross eyed...

Honestly, I couldn't tell you since my device never had 19.07.3 release, so I've only ever built from source.

Looking at the releases though, it appears that is why..

luci-theme-bootstrap_git-20.221.53167-304ad04-1_all.ipk	13.7 KB	Sun Aug 16 13:38:05 2020
luci-theme-material_git-20.221.53167-304ad04-1_all.ipk	54.0 KB	Sun Aug 16 13:11:59 2020
luci-theme-openwrt_git-20.221.53167-304ad04-1_all.ipk	10.8 KB	Sun Aug 16 13:12:05 2020

I don't think 19.07.3 builds those themes. Even the nightly snapshot only builds

luci-theme-bootstrap_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	11.6 KB	Tue Jun 19 15:16:49 2018
luci-theme-freifunk-generic_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	13.2 KB	Tue Jun 19 14:54:09 2018
luci-theme-material_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	48.6 KB	Tue Jun 19 14:54:11 2018
luci-theme-openwrt_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	8.2 KB	Tue Jun 19 14:54:13 2018

openwrt-2020 only exists in the master branch, not in the stable 19.07 branch.