Which luci theme are you using?

all the themes included in openwrt/luci repository

  • luci-theme-bootstrap (current default)
  • luci-theme-material
  • luci-theme-openwrt-2020
  • luci-theme-openwrt
  • luci-theme-rosy
  • some other theme from 3rd repository?
  • I don't use luci

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I don't have rosy theme in my snapshot build?

I didn't even know there was themes. :laughing:

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I only have bootstrap, material and openwrt available as choices.
I would be interested in openwrt-2020 and went on docs luci-themes page, but 2020 version seems empty.
Can anyone kindly assist in installing 2020 or any other theme for that matter ?

The Rosy theme is no longer maintained, AFAIK.

If you are using a stock Snapshot, just go to your opkg/luci and search for theme, and it'll bring up all the LuCi themes available.

Alternatively, if you're building from source, it's under Luci Applications.

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I have 19.03.7 release, would that explain why 2020 doesn't show up in available packages ?

meant 19.07.3, i went cross eyed...

Honestly, I couldn't tell you since my device never had 19.07.3 release, so I've only ever built from source.

Looking at the releases though, it appears that is why..

luci-theme-bootstrap_git-20.221.53167-304ad04-1_all.ipk	13.7 KB	Sun Aug 16 13:38:05 2020
luci-theme-material_git-20.221.53167-304ad04-1_all.ipk	54.0 KB	Sun Aug 16 13:11:59 2020
luci-theme-openwrt_git-20.221.53167-304ad04-1_all.ipk	10.8 KB	Sun Aug 16 13:12:05 2020

I don't think 19.07.3 builds those themes. Even the nightly snapshot only builds

luci-theme-bootstrap_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	11.6 KB	Tue Jun 19 15:16:49 2018
luci-theme-freifunk-generic_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	13.2 KB	Tue Jun 19 14:54:09 2018
luci-theme-material_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	48.6 KB	Tue Jun 19 14:54:11 2018
luci-theme-openwrt_git-18.169.62979-e380cf5-1_all.ipk	8.2 KB	Tue Jun 19 14:54:13 2018

openwrt-2020 only exists in the master branch, not in the stable 19.07 branch.


modded openwrt2020 :slight_smile:

and bootstrap in full window size

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So the vote result means that 25% of voters are using master, and not stable. That is quite a lot.

All developers and most enthusiasts always use master...

All interesting new stuff gets into master, so the "stable" release branch is pretty much like "old" or "previous" stuff...

Thatswhy it is sad that the 21.02 release took 7 months since the branching in February. Now the brand new stable release is mostly already 7 months old stuff...

Haha, agreed :slight_smile:
How often do you upgrade while using master ?

As I build a R7800 community build for both master and 21.02, and update the build regularly if there are relevant changes, I flash 4-5 times per week...

My R7800 has seen 1063 different builds since November 2016.
0.6 builds per day... :wink:

I remember seeing this.
impressive rate !

How do i get this version installed ?. i really like the dark theme and full bootstrap window size

Can you make a dark theme similar to @M0g13r has

I am running this elegant looking dark mode theme :slight_smile:

This is the default theme included in the OpenWrt System by Seeed and it is called Argon. They compile OpenWrt images everyday.

This can run on the ODYSSEY - X86 board and the CM4 Dual Gigabit Carrier Board!

I use luci-theme-openwrt-2020. However, I have converted luci-theme-openwrt-2020 into a proper Dark Mode theme by utilizing it's own custom theme file combined with some manual inverts throughout the it's main CSS file as well. I suppose I should figure out a way to share the changes with people because it's absolutely elegant.

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themes are in /www/luci-static/
overwrite it ... thats it :slight_smile:

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