Which firmware image to use on Netgear R7800?


I want to try open wrt on my Netgear R7800, which firmware I need to take? between ;

1- -netgear_r7800-initramfs-uImage) or
2- netgear_r7800-squashfs-factory.img)


According to "https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/r7800", this device seems to be supported by the current stable releases; I do not see the need to download the images from somewhere else.

Now, "factory" images are meant to be installed over original OS, "sysupgrade" images are used to update an OpenWrt installation, and "uImage" are unknown to me: https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/image.format.



cause I prefer Kong build, he was really amazing with dd wrt and yet today on open wrt with R7800 he must have a nice build..

I have the oem firmware right now, the netgear one, so I have to use sysupgrade file to insatll open wrt right?

Wrong. When you are flashing a device that's running the OEM (factory), you use the factory image.

The sysupgrade image is when you get to upgrade your device that's already running an older version of OpenWrt to a newer version.

Then the question about the need for the initramfs. UImage is better directed to Kong.


ok to be sure (sorry novice here) , from my netgear interface I upload that one : netgear_r7800-initramfs-uImage? right? only this one is from Kong ?

The OpenWrt wiki page for your model should be consulted for install instructions, if any. Generally when there is an image with "factory" in the name that is the one to use to flash out of stock firmware.


You have been told twice to use the file called "factory", yet twice you have asked for confirmation on a file not called "factory"... please, be careful, or you might end bricking your device.

For information about Kong builds, you will probably get better responses from the author himself, I would mention him in the thread, or try to contact him directly.

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sorry, I dont really speak english.

If you don't speak English and the translation isn't good, try to sleep include your post in your native language (in alik to English), maybe someone here speaks the language and can explain it to you.

The thing is fkashing a router is risky, and you could damage your router if you make a mistake or use the wrong image.


Nothing to be sorry about, I was not complaining, just warning you that a misunderstanding can brick your device; take care!