Which channels are for 160 MHz width on 5 GHz?

I tried to use some higher channels to avoid DFS RADAR deleys with 160 MHz but the radio never started. Is there a list of 5 GHz channels that support 160 MHz width? I have country code set to US running a nightly snapshot on Belkin RT3200.

"5 GHz (802.11a/h/j/n/ac/ax)" section

The table shows only three of them: 50, 114, and, 163. For me 163 is not listed in the drop down of available channels. It skips from 161 to 165.

Ignore me :sweat_smile:

Same infos but not exactly presented the same way on both pictures.
Apparently there is no way to have 160MHz width outside of DFS range. That being said it may depend of your country. Try to find local infos.

The new band up to channel 177 does not seem to be available on the RT3200.