Which bits of the fwmark are used by sqm-scripts?

mwan3 uses bits 9-15 (0x3F00) and nodogsplash uses bits 17-18 (0x30000). which bits do the sqm-scripts use? can't find this info even after extensive googling :slight_smile:

I believe the following line from /usr/lib/sqm/defaults.sh to be helpful:
[ -z "$IPT_MASK" ] && IPT_MASK="0xff" # to disable: set mask to 0xffffffff

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Perfect! Thank you. Does this mean that by default SQM scripts can balance 256 connections? What are these bits used for?

Interesting, so it seems that only the simple.qos script uses these fwmarks. The remainder don't.

Exactly, we use these bits to basically translate from DSCP to firewall mark and use the firewall marks to steer packets into the appropriate leaf shaper. IIRC 0xff means that we only use the low 8 bit of the 32 bit skbuff mark field, other users using different bits will allow concurrent use of sqm-scripts with mwan3 and nodogsplash.

No it only means that we can only use 256 different priority tiers. Which, once spelled out like that, seems rather that we reserve too many bits... . Then again this only affects simple.qos and initially we took the full 32 bits (for storing around 2 bits worth of tiers).

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