Where to modify memory size for RB5009

I know the memory size is defined in DTS file for most cases.
For example, here: rb5009.dts
It can be easily updated and recompiled.
However, for the original RoS version, the DTS has memory size set as 2 Gbs
DTS File link here
Since rb5009 only has 1Gbs, so this value must be overrode somewhere else.
I dumped the content of the 16MB flash and checked the hard_config section and I also read through Add support for MikroTik RB5009UG - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum , still not able to find any clues.
Hope experts here can shed some light here.
(Reason of asking is that i'm planning to solder bigger memory chips to my rb5009)

Ok, I figured this out myself.
I recompiled OpenWRT with a modified DTS which unlock the MTD partition.
And then override a modified bin file which updates the 0D tag in hard config section to another value.
After rebooting to RoS, the memory size is updated to reflect the changed config.
So the overall flow is like :

  1. original DTS file with 2GB passed to RouterBoot
  2. RouterBoot reads config from Hard_Config
  3. config from hard_config will be passed as initialization parameters with override

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