Where to find all the options for /etc/config/dhcp file?

There are many options shown in Wiki [1] [2], but LuCI has a "local IPv6 DNS server" that corresponds to dhcp option dns_service in the file, which I can't find in the Wiki.
Where can I find the complete options for /etc/config/dhcp file?

I'm trying to migrate the settings from dnsmasq+odhcpd-ipv6 to odhcpd (ipv4+ipv6).
EDIT: Silly me... no conversion required except enabling maindhcp

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On the source code :slight_smile:

There are a few options to set DNS server, examples:

list dhcp_option '6,'
list dns 'fdfa::253'
list dns ''

That option is not supported in the current stable release:

Someone is required to update documentation for the upcoming release:

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Which option isn't supported?

I guess all the options that are present in the snapshot README but not in the 19.07 README (current Wiki doesn't have some of the options in 19.07).

Added: dns_service, preferred_lifetime, ra_flags, ra_slaac
Removed: ra_management


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