Where to buy Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G v1

Any idea where to find a 3G "v1" these days ? I contacted a couple of vendors, it is apparently only available in Russia and cannot be shipped abroad...

Given that this seems to be a rather silent 'upgrade' by the vendor, I don't think the v1 is still in production - meaning you'll only find old stock for a limited amount of time. It's probably time to look for an alternative now.

I did some search on Aliexpress and also contacted three different sellers there. One then removed their offer, since it was wrongly stating to be the v1 model.

Two actually said they are selling the v1 model with USB. So I ordered at both of them. After some time they told they had to check something with my order, one wanted me to cancel it because of problems. They told me it was not suitable for my country. The other is still open, might be delivered, but I do not have much hope. I think both products are no longer available for order right now, at least they don't ship to Germany anymore.

Let me know when you find a different source, because I am also currently looking for it.

I stayed in Kuala Lumpur for a while and bought one through www.shopee.com.my, but I don't know if they ship overseas...

good luck!

Thanks for the info. In the meantime I luckily got a device already.

I wanted to leave a note here that I managed to get one now from Aliexpress. So apparently they told me the truth on the chat when I ordered. Unfortunately, if I recall correctly those offers are no longer available. I'd suggest to do the same and search for the device on Aliexpress and contact the sellers before ordering via chat to make sure it is the correct model.

You can direct download form gearbest website. this website having Original Xiaomi Pocket 150Mbps USB2.0 Mi WiFi Adapter Wireless Router :grinning:

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