Where is the OpenVPN log file?

Trying to set up a Nord VPN but I cannot get it to start.
Just to be clear the same ovpn configuration file works well with the GNOME VPN Tools.

When I import the file in openwrt web gui, I add a

auth-user-pass /etc/ssl/private/xyz.conf

I then click start and after the refresh it still say "started" = no.

I am sure I am mistyping something but I cannot file a log file anywhere.
I tried to add "log /tmp/vpn.log" to the config file but nothing happens.

Can I try to run it manually from the console to see what goes wrong?


For the logs, there is no persistent log file.
There is only a circular ring buffer in memory that stores a limited count of syslog logs.
Use the command logread for getting the latest logs.

I think it is something with the GUI.

Manually the vpn connects

openvpn --config .....ovpn

logread shows me the same output of dmesg and there is nothing related to openvpn.

After more random clicking it seems that unless it is enabled it wont start.
I thought enabled meant systemd-enabled, at boot I mean.

logread contains the same output as in dmesg, but logread contains all other logs too.

Sure it should start at boot if enabled, but it has to be a enabled config section too.
How does your config /etc/config/openvpn look like?

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