Where I can custom the wifi rules?

Hi All,

I'm trying to design following behavior on my device, basically wifi only, not have eth interface.

  1. I want device default is ap mode. -> At base-files, I can add default wireless config, how about udhcpd, where I can set it up?
  2. When I enable wifi with STA mode or AP mode on LUCI web. Where I can custom the script or command to output the wireless config I want?
    Please help. Thanks.
  1. Add some uci-defaults files.
  2. It's in the wireless section under network
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Hi biangbiangmian,

Thanks. But I don't understand the item 2, could you please explain more? Thanks.

Just navigate to the LuCI web UI on a running OpenWrt device, you will see it there. Maybe I am misunderstanding your question. Do you want to change what is displayed in the LuCI wireless configuration section, or do you want to configure a device using LuCI?

Hi Biangbiangmian,

Actually, I face two questions. Thanks.

  1. I know LUCI web can config AP/STA mode, but how can I custom the config?
    For example, when I enable STA mode, LCUI will create wpa_supplicant config at /var/run.
    But I dont want the scan_ssid=1 feature in the config, how can I remove it?
  2. At default, /etc/config is empty, after boot up done, there are some files. What process create those files? Where the files come from?