Where / How to Install 50mb Package

Hey Guys -

I'm trying to install a package which after extraction requires moving a few of the files into specific paths. The only thing is, I don't have enough free space to do so despite having plenty of free space in /tmp. Is it possible to (easily) reallocate some of the free space between partitions or is there an alternate way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Full details below...

I have a Linksys 1900ACS which currently uses a David502c build of kernel 4.14.91. The device has plenty of onboard storage. The package I'm trying to install is the ARM version of Telegraf using the steps at this post.

When trying to simply download the file, I get a message that I'm out of free space. I checked the mount points and see the "overlayfs:/overlay" mounted to "/" has "10.99 MB / 12.21 MB" free. It seems all my free space resides in "tmpfs" mounted to "/tmp" with "180.29 MB / 249.47 MB" free. I was able to download and extract the file into "/tmp", but obviously can't move the files to the paths specified in the post.

If you have suggestions if possible to reallocate - or - know another package which can send the same info to InfluxDB, it would be a huge help. So far, it seems the only way to reallocate between partitions is to completely rebuild the image - which I'm hesitant to do as I've never done so before.


shelby provides you with 2*(6+34) MB and a shared syscfg partition with 38 MB. /tmp/ is, as you noticed, tmpfs (RAM-) backed and its contents will be lost over a reboot. Without invasive changes to the DTS (requires rebuilding from source) and bootloader you can't change that, but you could attach a USB stick (be it for extroot or just an optional partition for e.g. /opt/).

extroot or just accept that applications written in Go will use up quite a bit of space...
You can use for instance netdata and influxdb if you want something more lightweight and "embedded-friendly". https://docs.netdata.cloud/backends/